Optical system
for precise measurement
of the accelerator’s mechanical isocenter
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Make all tests recommended by AAMP

NaviRation™ enables to make all tests recommended by the TG142 protocol of the American Association of Medical Physicists.

Measurement with unsurpassed accuracy level

It assures measurement of the geometric movements of the accelerator with an accuracy level unsurpassed by any other device. The maximum measurement error does not exceed 0.1 mm.

Fully independent of the device and operator

The measurement outcomes are idependent of the measured device (accelerator) and from the person performing the measurement.
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Our team

Mikołaj Tarchalski

PhD, chief executive officer in NaviRation™
Medical physicist in the Department of Medical Physics at Memorial Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. Expert in quality control of medical accelerators.

Paweł Kukołowicz

PhD, chief research and development officer
Medical physicist, head of the Department of Medical Physics at the Memorial Maria Sklodowska-Curie National Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, national consultant in the field of medical physics.

Dariusz Szałkowski

MSc, chief information officer
Medical physicist, graduate of the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Adam Małkiewicz

MSc, chief technical officer
Engineer, mechanic with many years of experience in the field of designing and preparing technical documentation

Andrzej Szmalc

MSc, chief business development officer
Rector's plenipotentiary for cooperation with the economy at WULS and CEO of InnoTech4Life - WULS's special purpose company.

Marcin Januchta

Constructor of the mobile system - designer
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